Baby Girl Names With Surprising Meanings

When it comes to choosing baby names for girls, the number of choices can be overwhelming. After several have been selected to make the final cut, some serious thought is put into how the name works with a middle and last name. While it may be a cursory thought, the meaning of the name will be looked at too. Sometimes for curiosity. Other times, to ensure that the meaning is something that does not take people off guard or gives parents name remorse. Something that is important to do. given that there are some baby girls’ names that have some surprising meanings.

Giving a name to a baby is much more complicated than most anticipated. The reality of the difficulty becomes clear when sitting through lists of babies’ names to find just the right one. Because of this, parents may spend weeks or longer determining the right name for their bundles of joy. And when doing this, everything is known about the name that is finally selected. Including any and all meanings that may come with said name.

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Here are some baby girl names with surprising meanings.


10 Kamila

A name that is not only surprising in meaning but how many meanings it has, is Kamila. This is because, according to CharliesNamesKamila means “youth employed in religious services,” “free-born,” “honorable,” “noble,” “wedding,” and “bridal.”

What is clear is that individuals with this name might have some connection to spirituality. And because of this, baby girls named Kamila will grow to become very connected to the great beyond knowing that there is some being larger than themselves out there.

Kamila is of Roman and Arabic origin.

9 Bailey

Bailey is a sweet-sounding name. But it is very strong in its meaning.

According to FamilyEducation, Bailey means “fortification” and “bailiff.” As such, little girls with this name will be able to lay down the law when necessary and be strong while doing so. Probably something unexpected by those who do not know the meaning of the name.

The origin of Bailey is French and Old English.

8 Tamara

Names that have a meaning that is of an object or living thing can always throw parents off and can make them reconsider choosing a name they have fallen in love with. Tamara is one of those names.

According to SheKnows, Tamara means “palm tree.” While the name was given as a result of the “beauty” of the palm tree, it can still come as a surprise that the overall meaning is of a living tree.

Tamara is of Hebrew origin.

7 Cecilia

For those who believe that babies embody their names, parents may decide to not choose the name Cecilia as a result. This is because, according to NameberryCecila means “blind.”

Cecilia was also a patron Saint of musicians. And she was not blind. As such, it is possible that Cecilia will become more musical than anything as she ages.

The origin of Cecilia is Roman.

6 Greta

The meaning of the name Greta is “pearl,” according to As such, those little ones who carry this moniker will be strong.

Little girls named Greta will be strong. This is because, in order to make a pearl, it takes the irritation of a tiny piece of sand. But by waiting out the irritation versus attempting to remove the particle, clams make something beautiful. Like little ones named Greta, they will persevere and make something amazing with their futures.

Greta is of German origin.

5 Iris

Given that there is a flower called an iris, it would make sense that the meaning of the name would be for the beautifully petaled plant. But instead, according to VeryWell FamilyIris means “rainbow.”

Why the name is that of rainbow versus a flower seems far-fetched. That is until it is known, per the publication, that Iris was the name of the goddess of the rainbow. And suddenly, it makes sense.

Those named Iris will have lives that will be as colorful as their names imply.

The origin of Iris is Greek.

4 Pandora

According to Behind The Name, Pandora means “all gifts.” Something that may be a bit surprising given that Pandora was the one who unleashed the problems the world now knows because her curiosity got the better of hers, per the publication.

While this sounds negative, at the bottom of the jar that unleashed the world’s problems was also hope, according to Oh Baby! And because of this, no matter how bleak things may look, there is always a silver lining to a situation.

Pandora is of Greek origin.

3 Sharon

Sharon is a name that first gained popularity in the 1920s, according to What Is The Meaning Of Name. It means, “fertile plain,” per the publication. But because there is a rose named Sharon, it can also mean “plain of roses as well.”

Those with this name may have dual personalities. This is because, as the rose, they can be beautiful to look at but have an exterior that can be hard to get past. But, once the thorns are removed, girls named Sharon can become sweet and delicate. And this personality trait is what may keep people on their toes with women named Sharon in their lives.

Sharon is of Hebrew origin.

2 Yasmine

The meaning of the name Yasmine is “jasmine flower,” according to NamesFolder. Something that may not be expected, given that there is a jasmine flower. And not surprisingly, the name Jasmine means, “fragrant flower,” according to VeryWell Family.

Those named Yasmine will have a large group of friends in their lives. This is because, just like the jasmine flower spreads far and wide, the personality of girls with this name will draw people in. As such, it would not be unheard of for little ones to have friends not only regionally but globally as they age.

The name Yasmine is of Arabic origin.

1 Miranda

For those who want a name for a baby girl that is surprisingly a word unto itself, Miranda is a perfect name.

According to the University of Kent, the word Miranda means, “to be wondered at.” The first time that the name was used, per the publication, was in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Since that time, the name has gained and lost popularity. It has also gotten a meaning of its own. According to BabyNames.comthe meaning is “admirable and wonderful.”

Miranda is of Latin origin.

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