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When babies first begin to feed themselves, they will need foods that they can mash with their mouths to break down or those that instantly begin to break down on contact with the mouth. This will help to ensure that infants do not choke. It also will help little ones determine foods they enjoy as well as those they do not. But with so many different foods that can be used as first finger foods, it can be difficult making the decision on which to try. Fortunately, there is no right answer as long as the first finger foods for babies are cut small, can be mashed, and are fun for babies to eat.

The act of eating should be a fun experience for babies. This way, not only will they want to continue to feed themselves, but they will also look forward to trying different flavors and textures when they eat. As such, the foods should be the size that babies can successfully eat without a struggle and that does not overwhelm their taste buds upon the first try. That will encourage babies to work towards more complex flavors and textures as they get older, making eating solids an adventure for little mouths to experience.

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Here are some first finger foods for babies.

10 Avocado

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With their mashability and simple flavor, avocados make for a perfect first food for babies. And because they are packed with vitamins E, C, K, B6, riboflavin, niacin, folate, and more, according to MedicaNewsTodaybabies are getting a heap of nutrition in every bite.

9 Banana

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With its sweet flavor and pleasing texture, babies will love eating bananas. And because they can continue to be prepped in different ways as babies age, according to What To Expectbabies will not get bored with this nutritious, delicious fruit.

An added bonus for parents is how easy they are to serve whether it’s at home or on the go.


8 Shredded Chicken

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Babies need protein to continue to develop and thrive as they rely less and less upon breast milk and formula. A great source of protein is shredded chicken.

When chicken is shredded and cut into small pieces, the risk is greatly diminished of choking or struggling to eat the poultry. And with babies only needing two tablespoons of chicken daily, according to Parenting FirstCrytheir daily protein needs can be met quickly.

7 Pancake

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With their soft texture and ability to be mashed down into small bites, pancakes make for a great way for babies to get their whole grains while trying new textures at the same time.

While parents will want to skip the syrup to reduce the sugar intake babies have, there is very little doubt that babies will enjoy eating pancakes as part of their first foods for a balanced diet.

6 Blueberries

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Blueberries in their original form are not safe first foods. But, if they are cut into small pieces that cannot block the air passageway, they are a delicious and nutritious fruit for babies to try.

According to Solid Starts, blueberries are a wonderful source of vitamin C, K, and iron. And with the antioxidants found in blueberries, consuming them will prevent the cells of the body from getting damaged.

5 O-Shaped Dry Cereal

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While O-shaped dry cereal is in a circle shape, it poses less of a choking hazard for babies. This is not only due to the center being punched out of the O but because they dissolve upon contact with the mouth.

And with the American Academy of Pediatrics stating that infant-specific cereals help to provide the daily nutrition needed, according to Parentsthese cereals can be an easy snack for babies to have when hunger strikes in the middle of the day.

4 Scrambled Eggs

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Filled with protein, easy to prepare, and delicious to eat, scrambled eggs make fantastic first-finger food for babies.

According to Healthline, while eggs are recommended as a first food for babies, for families where eczema is present, parents may want to take caution. This does not mean parents should avoid eggs for their babies. But rather pay attention to any changes to the skin after babies eat their first few servings of egg.

3 Pasta

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While pasta will need to be cut up to keep it from being a choking hazard, it makes for a great finger food given its soft texture and pleasing taste to babies.

According to Stoneyfield Organic, whole grains are important for babies and their development. As such, when there are options to choose whole grains over white flour, parents should make the switch to provide babies with the most wholesome nutrition possible for their solid foods.

2 Cheese

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A great way for little ones to get calcium and protein at the same time is to introduce them to cheese. And as long as the cheese is pasteurized, according to the NHSthings such as hard cheeses can be enjoyed as a first-finger food for babies.

1 Cooked Veggies

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In their original form, vegetables pose a choking hazard for babies. But, if they are cooked, according to BabyCenter, they become nutrient-dense finger food for babies.

Babies have no way of breaking down crunchy vegetables. By cooking them and making them soft, babies are able to mash them up in their mouths and get a great source of vitamins and minerals. And, when introduced to vegetables at a young age, there is less chance for them to be rejected in the future.

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