Baby Bump Photo Ideas Before Due Date

Pregnancy goes by in an instant. While it may not seem like it when dealing with morning sickness or the round ligament pain, before women know it, they are holding their babies in their arms. This is why taking the opportunity to capture the baby bump in photographs is so important. These beautiful photos freeze time and take women back to when they were expecting. Something most look back on fondly. And this is why women should consider taking baby bump photos before their due date.

The type of baby bump photo to take depends on the personality of the mother-to-be. This means that some will be fancy and grand, others will want their partners involved, and more still will want to include any current children in the mix. It does not matter which route pregnant women choose to go. All will be beautiful and make lovely photos to look back on when reminiscing about the time they were expecting.

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Here are some baby bump photos to take before the due date.


10 …And Baby Makes Three

For those who are first-time parents, taking a photo as a family before babies arrive is a classic picture to take. Parents get to show not only their love for one another but for their babies on the way.

The great thing about these photos is that partners get to participate in them as well. Better still, there is no wrong place to take them. Coordinate with a color palate that compliments one another and an amazing photo will be captured to look back on for a lifetime.

9 Pose In Nature

There is something about taking maternity photos in nature that is so serene. Perhaps this is why many women prefer this to be their locale for their photoshoots.

Be it in an open field, the forest, or in a field of flowers, they all make for a great backdrop for those expecting and their baby bumps. And the best part is, is that it does not matter what time of year it is. As long as there is good lighting, spring, summer, fall, or winter make for great times to pose in nature.

8 Sibling Love

For those who have older kids, make them part of the baby bump photography fun. And a magical photo op will be created indeed.

According to J Simpson Photographywhen kids take pictures with the baby bump, they get more excited about their siblings that will be joining them soon. And being able to look back to see the kiss of the baby bump is something that will bring tears to the eyes of mothers, no matter how much time has passed.

7 Baby Booties Are A-Must

Is there any way to pick up a pair of baby booties and not have a wave of adorableness wash over? As such, pick up a pair for maternity photos and make some memories with littles who are soon to be born.

If parents know what they are having, gender-appropriate shoes are the way to go. If waiting to find out the sex of the baby, something in a more neutral shoe would be a good choice. And both are a fun way to celebrate the baby bump and the connection women have with it before babies arrive.

6 Fun With Flowers

Flower crowns are the symbol of fertility and purityaccording to National Geographic. As such, it makes sense to wear one when doing a baby bump photoshoot.

Flower crowns can be simple and made from wildflowers or more elegant and made for a variety of higher-end choices. Either way, the glow of mothers-to-be, in conjunction with the flower crowns, makes for a beautiful choice for photographs. And perhaps one of the few times a flower crown will be worn as well.

5 Fall Can Be Fun

Many think that the best time to take a maternity photoshoot is in the spring or summer. But for those whose due dates are closer to the fall and winter, this is not an option. It does not need to be, however, as fall can be a beautiful time to do a maternity shoot as well.

Among the changing leaves, the light of the afternoon sun, and the crispness of the air, fall may be one of the most comfortable times for pregnant women to do their photoshoots. The only issue that may be found is deciding what to wear. Do women go with long sleeves, floral dresses, or something else entirely? The answer is whatever makes women feel most beautiful.

4 Character Role Play

For women who have a favorite Disney character, superhero, period in time, or another different type of character they enjoy or identify with, becoming that character is a fun and unique way to have a maternity photoshoot.

To make a great series of photos to look back on, the character role-play session can be taken either in the studio or in an environment where the character would most likely be found.

The more women get into the role, the more beautiful the photos will be. This is why women have to be dedicated to this theme if this is the route they choose to go.

3 Beach Beauty

When expecting women have a connection to the ocean, it becomes a no-brainer to have the maternity photoshoot at the beach.

According to SLR Loungesome of the things that pregnant women need to remember when taking photos at the beach include:

  • Keeping an eye on the waves

  • Not slipping in tide pools

  • Choosing a wardrobe that works with the elements of the location

  • There will be a small timeframe in which to get the photos because of lighting

But when all the pieces fall together, the beach shoot is magical. And will definitely not be something mothers-to-be will regret having done.

2 Nothing But Love

To show how much love there is for babies, the hands in the shape of a heart over the baby bump make for a picture from the maternity photo session that likely will be displayed for years after babies are delivered.

The reason that this pose is so popular is that it says so much without any words. In this instance, a picture truly does speak a thousand words.

1 Lovely Lighting

Lighting can make or break a photograph. And when women are bathing in the rays of the afternoon sunthere truly is no more powerful pose for them to make when participating in a maternity photoshoot.

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