Baby Bath Products For New Moms

Once babies are ready to be bathed, many new moms have a whole arsenal of baby bathing products they either received at their baby showers or read was beneficial for bath time. And while there are a lot of great baby bath items on the market, not all are necessary to have. Especially if babies are just starting to bathe and are spending just mere minutes in a small amount of water.

But many moms do not realize what it is that they truly need to bathe their babies until they have been doing it for a while. And then it becomes clear what makes life not only easier but does a good job of cleaning babies and what is completely unnecessary. Something that becomes a guide to baby bath products when moms are shopping and replenishing said items.


It is not surprising that new moms can feel overwhelmed with the number of bathing products for babies on the market. With shampoo and lotions being for particular skin types, towels that are hooded, or even thermometers to know the exact temperature of the water, a simple bath can suddenly feel like a huge undertaking. But by knowing what products are truly not necessary, removing the chaff from the grain becomes much easier. And bath time becomes a streamlined event instead.

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Here is a new mom’s guide to baby bath products.

What Products Are Needed For Baby Baths

With new companies popping up continuously that claim to have the best baby bath products, new moms need to know the difference between what is necessary to give babies a good bath and what is just extraneous. And sometimes, that boils down to what moms can and cannot live without when it comes to bathing their little ones.

Some products that are necessary to clean babies include:

  • Baby bathtub or sink insert: Bathtubs are much too large for new babies. As such, a sink insert or baby bathtub are recommended to not only keep babies safe but warm as well.
  • Baby soap: According to What To Expectlook for natural, and “plant-based ingredients” in baby soap.
  • Baby shampoo: Baby shampoos should be tear-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free, according to MedicalNewsToday.
  • Cup for rinsing: This makes it easy to remove soap and shampoo from babies. It can be used to keep them warm as well.
  • Soft, plush baby towels: With sensitive skin, babies need soft, plush towels. Preferably, two during bathing. One is to go under babies and the other is used to dry babies to keep them comfortable and warm when out of the tub.
  • Soft washcloths: Soft washcloths help to wash babies without irritating their skin.
  • Cotton balls: According to Ask Dr. Searscotton balls are necessary for bathing babies because they help to wash the general area of ​​babies without causing little ones discomfort.
  • Kneepad: If moms are kneeling on the ground to wash their babies in a baby tub within the regular bathtub, their knees will feel it immediately. That is why a kneepad is such a good purchase for bath time with babies.
  • Grooming kit: While it may not be needed after every bath, having brushes, nail clippers, and the like are a good thing to have after bathing babies.

By having these items on hand, bath time will be more enjoyable for babies and new moms alike.

What Products Moms Can Pass On

There are some great products on the market that may make bath times with new babies incredibly streamlined. But just because they make bath time easier does not make them necessary. And some should be avoided altogether for the health issues they could cause babies. By knowing what those products are, new moms can not only save money but keep their babies safe as well.

Some baby bath products that new moms do not need to include:

  • Baby thermometer: A good rule of thumb, according to Nationwide Children’s is to put an elbow or wrist into bath water for babies. If it feels too hot, it is. The water should be warm to the touch, which is around 100 F. A baby thermometer is not necessary when it comes to bath time for babies.
  • Baby towels: While baby towels are adorable, they are not necessary to bathe babies. An adult-sized towel will do the trick when it comes to drying off babies and keeping them warm.
  • Baby bathrobe: Another cute baby item but when it boils down to it, a bathrobe will not be used.
  • Baby oil: With its potential for clogging pores and causing baby acne to form, moms may want to steer clear of baby oil and opt for lotions instead.
  • Baby powder: According to What To Expectbaby powder is not recommended because it can not only irritate the skin but is harmful if inhaled as well.
  • Baby cologne: Because baby cologne contains fragrance, it is not recommended for babies.
  • Fancy sink insert: While the sink inserts can come in a variety of shapes and materials, the fancier the insert does not a better bath make.
  • Towel warmer: If towels are put into the bathroom when babies are bathing, they will naturally warm up in the heated and moist environment. A towel warmer is not necessary.
  • Toys: Newborn babies do not need bath toys. Those are better saved for when babies are older and take longer baths.
  • Bath spout cover: With babies bathing in a sink or baby tub, a bath spout cover is not necessary until little ones get older and are more mobile.

While these products are not necessary, if new moms want them, they should use them. Only they know what is necessary for their lives and if certain products make bath time easier, then that is their prerogative.

How To Organize Bath Products

With how much it can take to bathe a baby, finding a way to store all the baby bath products is necessary so that they are not all strewn around the bathroom.

Ways to store baby bath products include:

  • Towels: Be it in a linen cabinet, the baby’s closet, a storage rack in the bathroom, or the like, having a place to store the towels and washcloths will not only keep them tidy but free from dust and germs as well.
  • Baby bath products: A mobile caddy, a place under the sink, or a designated space in the baby’s room are all good spots to store baby bath products.
  • Baby toys: For those who do have bath toys, storing them in breathable, draining containers is a must for keeping as much mold as possible at bay. And if they suction to the bathtub, all the better.

By storing baby bath products in this manner, everything has its own place. This is something new moms will appreciate when clutter does not take over their bathrooms.

Chemicals To Watch For In Products

Many baby products are sold under the guise of making and keeping babies’ skin soft, relaxing babies, or being a non-drying formula. And while these facts may be true, many of the products on the market that claim this are full of chemicals that cause allergic reactions, risk for respiratory problems, problems with reproductive health, cancer, and more, according to Healthline. As such, it pays to do some research before purchasing to ensure that babies will be safe as a result of the products being used on them.

Per the publication, some chemicals to avoid in baby bath products include:

  • Fragrance or perfume
  • Synthetic dyes
  • Parabens
  • Phthalate
  • Formaldehyde
  • Propylene glycol
  • Sulfates

If any of these are present in baby shampoo, lotion, or soap, it is best to skip them. With all the negative health problems that could result from using these chemicals, it is best to find products that specifically state what chemicals are not included in the formula. And, if it is unknown what the ingredient is, research it before making a purchase. It may just be another name for a chemical harmful to babies.

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