Best Skin Oils To Use In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when the body is under constant fluctuation. This includes the skin. With the skin being depleted of moisture, stretch marks starting to form, and dark marks showing up in places where they were not the day before, women look for remedies to keep the skin as radiant as possible while trying … Read more

Virgin Drinks For A Summer Pregnancy

When women find out they are pregnant, they immediately stop drinking alcohol. Some do so when trying to conceive. As such, the options for cool, refreshing summer drinks feel limited. This is because when relaxing by the pool or going to summer parties, the frosty drinks contain one form of alcohol or another. But, being … Read more

8 Common Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with an assortment of interesting—and sometimes surprising—body changes. Your skin stretches, your belly button expands and your breasts go through all sorts of transitions. But, while they may catch you off guard, breast changes during pregnancy are totally normal. So what can you expect for your breasts before and after pregnancy—and how will … Read more

Good Habits To Teach A One-Year-Old Child

Teaching kids good habits can start at an early age. Those who are as young as one can begin to understand the importance of everything from manners to hygiene, responsibility, and more. All it takes is some time, patience, and repetition, and before parents know it, their young toddlers will have enviable manners. This will … Read more

15 College Dorm Room Essentials You Will Want

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