At-Home Postpartum Workouts

Many women are anxious to start working out immediately after giving birth. Not only is there the leftover pregnancy weight, but many women feel weaker after giving birth, so they want to strengthen and tone their core muscles.

Everyone’s postpartum recovery is different, and you may be advised to wait longer to work out if your delivery was complicated and/or required a c-section. Please listen to your doctor’s guidelines about when to resume physical activity. But once you’ve got the green light, you can give one of these low-impact activities a try that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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10 Use Resistance Bands

If you’re looking to shed the baby weight, then you need to try resistance training. This helps build strong muscles, which leads to more lean mass and a faster metabolism. Plus, resistance training is easy to accomplish at home.

A great way to get started is to invest in resistance bands. There are multiple ways to work out with resistance bands. For instance, you can step on one end and pull the other upwards with your hand to focus on working out your entire arm.

9 Do Some Sit-Ups

You don’t always need equipment to do resistance training. Doing something as simple as a sit-up can greatly help improve your core muscles. They’re also known to increase flexibility, improve balance and posture, and strengthen the diaphragm.

Start your work-out with a couple of reps. Do some research online to see how you can modify pull-ups to match your fitness level.

8 Power Through Push-Ups

Push-ups have a similar effect as sit-ups but focus on strengthening the arms. It’s also a form of resistance training that’s easy to accomplish at home. Watch an online tutorial to make sure you are in the proper shape when doing them, or have a loved one who’s familiar with fitness evaluate your form.

7 Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises are work-outs that specifically strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (which includes muscles near the uterus, bladder, and small intestine). In pregnancy, the body secrets hormones that soften the pelvic ligaments to prepare for labor. So, many women find they have to work on building up strength in the pelvic region, so they have better bladder control.

There are many pelvic floor exercises you can try, like Kegels. Do some research online to see what sort of pelvic exercise will work best for you.

6 Give Yoga A Try

Everyone recovers from childbirth in their own time, so don’t be unmotivated if you can’t do an intense workout just yet. If you’re looking for something a bit more low-key, consider yoga. Some of the benefits of yoga include that it can improve strength, balance, and flexibility, and can reduce back pain.

It’s easy to follow a virtual workout on YouTube or another platform to see what yoga moves to pull off. There will even be tutorial targeted for postpartum.

5 Plan For Pilates

Like yoga, Pilates is another low-impact work-out that’s great for moms just easing back into physical fitness after childbirth. Whereas in yoga, you adopt a position and simply hold it, Pilates differs in that you challenge your core by moving your arms and/ or legs once you adopt a position.

Some benefits of Pilates include improving flexibility, strengthening and toning muscles, and with balance. Look up free Pilates classes online to get started.

4 Use An Exercise Ball

If you have an exercise ball lying around, put it to good use. There are tons of low-impact exercises you can discover online that are made for use with an exercise ball, which can help promote flexibility, ease lower back pain, and improve your core muscles. You can do simple work-outs like sit-ups, twists, and plank poses using the ball.

3 Virtual Dance Class

If you’re looking to have a bit of fun with your postpartum work-out, consider taking a virtual dance class. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home for this activity.

You can pay to take part in a weekly, virtual class that meets live or gives you access to a selection of pre-recorded work-outs. Or, for an even more economical option, look up a dance work-out on YouTube and follow the on-screen instructions. So long as you’re moving, that’s all that matters.

2 Try The Peloton

While you won’t be able to do intense work-outs immediately after giving birth, you’ll be able to gradually get back into the swing of things. Once your doctor gives you the okay, consider taking a ride on a Peloton if you have access to one.

The advantage the Peloton has for postpartum women is it has classes specifically designed for pregnant and post-birth women, so you can easily find a work-out.

1 Local Walk

Finally, there’s nothing simpler than taking a walk around the block. Of course, you can use a treadmill if you have access to one. But going outside is a great opportunity to clear your head, get some fresh air, and even take the baby along. You can start with a brisk walk at first, and turn it into a jog or run once you feel yourself getting back into shape.

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