20 Medieval Names So Pretty They Should Be Popular Again

It’s easy to assume that you need to look for a modern name for something uncommon. But the following medieval names are proof that looking to the past can be a good way to find a baby boy or girl name. Below, we review twenty names that were used in the medieval ages and are so cute they deserve a comeback!

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20 Anora

This feminine name is a perfect choice for anyone looking for something delicate and uncommon. According to nameberry, Anora is a Latin name meaning ‘honor.’ It can also be spelled as Annora. Plus, this moniker has tons of cute nickname options, like Anna, Ani, or Nora.

19 Benedict

Benjamin is a traditional boy’s name that’s stood the test of time, so switch things up with this classy variation. Benedict has roots in Latin and means ‘blessed.’ Plus, you can still use the nicknames Ben or Benny with this choice.

18 Cyril

Although it was traditionally a boy’s name, we think Cyril would be a cute option for a girl, too. Translating to mean ‘lordly,’ this Greek name has a royal connotation. Consider using Cy as a nickname, or Cyrilla for a more feminine twist.

17 Everwyn

Scary Mommy suggests this unique name for a baby girl. It shares similarities with names like Gwendolyn, Ever, and Eve, but is less commonly used. With English, Scottish, and Irish origins, this name means ‘boar friend.’

16 Avice

Avice is considered a variation of the name Avis, both of which are uncommon but cute. This name has multiple meanings. While Nameberry says it’s a Latin moniker meaning ‘bird,’ Family Education adds that it means ‘warlike’ in French.

15th Faust

If you want to give your baby boy a name that will bring him good luck, consider this one. Faust is a Latin-originating name meaning ‘fortunate one.’

14 Honor

Honor is already a popular name in the celebrity world, with famous faces (like Jessica Alba) choosing it for their kids. But adding an ‘a’ on the end gives it a feminine twist. As one would guess, this Latin name has a stunning meaning – ‘woman of honor.’ Your daughter will grow up to be independent and strong with a name as commanding as this one.

13 Finnian

If you’re looking for a medieval name that’s not too out-of-the-box, consider this moniker. Finnish originates in Irish and means ‘fair.’ Consider the nickname Finn for a short version, or even Finnigan if you want a different variation.

12 Elisaria

For an uncommon girl’s name, consider this choice. Baby Names explains that Elisaria is a female name of French origin meaning ‘God is my oath’ as ​​well as ‘host or army.’ There are tons of nickname options with this name, including Eli and Elle.

11 Lucian

Names like Luke and Luca are overused, but if you like the sound of them, then give this name a try. This boy’s name originates in Latin and means ‘light.’

10 Giselle

You may surprise to learn that Giselle was a name popular in medieval times, given that it’s still commonly used today (we’re looking at you, Gisele Bundchen). This name has roots in German and means ‘pledge’ or hostage.’

9 Minerva

If you hope your baby girl is a smarty-pants, then consider this old-fashioned name. Minerva is of Latin origin meaning ‘of the mind’ and ‘intellect.’ Consider Minnie as a nickname option.

8 Florian

This sophisticated name is an excellent option for parents wanting something with a subtle floral reference. Used for both boys and girls, Florian is a Latin name meaning ‘flowering.’

7 Sigrid

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then keep this name high on your list. Popular in the medieval ages, Sigrid is a Norse girl’s name meaning ‘fair victory.’

6 Isabetta

If you love classic names like Isabel or Isabella, give this moniker a try. Isabetta is an uncommon variant, which is considered to be the Italian version of Elizabeth meaning ‘pledged to God.’

5 Crispin

If your baby is born with curly hair, this is a very appropriate moniker. Crispin is a Latin name meaning ‘curly haired.’ Although it’s typically a boy’s name, we think it’s a cute option or girl’s name, too.

4 Eira

For a name that’s short and sweet but also uncommon, consider Eira. This name is Welsh meaning ‘snow,’ making it a perfect choice for babies born in winter.

3 Drago

If you love Game of Thrones, then you’ll likely recognize this name. But you don’t need to be a GOT fan to choose it for your baby boy. This old German name’s meaning is ‘to bear or carry.’

2 Cassian

Another medieval name that’s still used to this day is Cassian. This name has several meanings. While Family Education says it’s Latin for ‘vain,’ Nameberry adds it can also mean ‘hollow.’ It’s also considered a variation of the moniker Cassius.

1 Sabina

Finally, if you’re expecting a baby girl, consider the name Sabina. It’s a great choice for parents who find themselves attracted to more popular monikers like Sabrina or Serena. This Latin name means ‘Sabine woman,’ a reference to the Sabine tribe of ancient Italy.

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