10 Mother’s Day Gifts Pregnant Women Will Never See Coming

There’s often a lot of pressure to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift, especially if it’s her first-time celebrating being a mother. You may be unsure of what to get if your partner is still pregnant, since she can’t or doesn’t want to do everything she normally would pre-pregnancy.

But there are tons of gifts that would make excellent options for pregnant people. Below, we provide 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for expecting women that she definitely won’t see coming.

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10 Baby Bump Skincare

Skin is more sensitive in pregnancy, so moms are often weary about introducing a new product into their skincare routine. But if the pregnant woman in your life loves skincare, surprise her with products meant for baby bumps.

There’s a growing number of skincare lines made for both moms and babies. Beauty Independent notes that Evereden – a new brand with products suitable for mom and baby to share – just launched at Sephora.The multigenerational skincare line features moisturizers and oils suitable for use on both infants and moms as well as products made specifically to care for baby bumps.

Check out your local beauty or makeup store for appropriate options for mothers-to-be.

9 Concert Tickets

Sometimes the most exciting gifts aren’t material items but experiences. If she’s a fan of music, surprise her with concert tickets. This is an activity she can easily enjoy in pregnancy (so long as there are seats), or you can arrange for a babysitter to give you the night off when baby arrives.

It doesn’t have to be concert tickets. You could surprise her with tickets to any sort of event that she’d enjoy. Just remember, she likely won’t be drinking even after the baby is born, so keep it in mind when selecting an activity.


8 Cooling Line

It’s normal to feel warmer than usual in pregnancy since your body requires an increased amount of blood, thereby raising internal temperature. But this can interfere with an expectant mom’s ability to get a good night’s sleep.

If the mom-to-be in your life is struggling to get shut eye, then gift her a cooling linen set. There are a variety of cooling sheets on the market made of natural fibers (like cotton and linen) to help regulate body temperature.

Additionally, there are also comforters, blankets, and even weight mattresses with cooling properties that promise to have a similar effect. Health Specifically recommends Caspar’s cooling duvet, calling it one of the best cooling options to come on the market in the decades.

7 Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is a safe option for a Mother’s Day gift, but it’s easy to make it unique by personalizing the item. Whether you choose a necklace, bracelet, or ring, it’s sweet touch to add a special engraving the commemorates an important date, like your baby’s birthday. Consider adding yours, your partner’s, or the baby’s birthstone for another delicate touch.

6 Belly Casting Kit

If the expecting woman in your life loves a DIY project, then she’ll love this. Belly casting kits allow you to create a mold of the baby bump, helping you both remember this huge milestone in your life. You can find instructions for how to do this on your own with household materials, or you can pick up a pre-made kit for more convenience.

5 Professional Hair & Makeup

If you’re shopping for a pregnant woman who loves getting glammed up or is simply feeling a bit down about her looks, treat her to professional hair and makeup. These services can be costly, but it’s a great treat that she may never feel like pursuing herself.

Arrange the hair and makeup to fall on an important date (like a baby shower or maternity shoot) so she can feel her best during a big occasion.

4 Maternity Shoot

Another great Mother’s Day gift for expecting women is a maternity photoshoot. Reach out to a local photographer and set a date. If you want to go all out, surprise your pregnant partner with professional makeup and hair or an outfit to wear during the photoshoot.

Not only is this a fun activity, but you’ll be able to treasure the photos for the rest of your life. Don’t forget to print out some copies to display them after the fact.

3 Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great gift, even for someone who’s not expecting. But they have specific benefits for pregnant people – they can help minimize nausea, soothe achy muscles, and promote better sleep.

Consider picking your partner up a good quality diffuser and some natural scents so she can reap the full benefits of essential oils. Better yet, this is a gift she can use way past her pregnancy (and oils even has benefits for infants).

2 Pregnancy Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are great gift options since they take little effort to get together but offer a curated selection of items. There are tons of subscription boxes on the market targeted towards pregnant and new mothers, so you can find something that fits her wants and needs.

1 Online Classes

Finally, another experience you can give as a Mother’s Day gift are online classes. Maybe there’s a pregnancy or parenting class she’s had her eyes on but hasn’t bit the bullet. But class doesn’t need to be involved in child-rearing. You can choose one that will help her explore one of her passions or pursue a new interest.

There are even classes (both virtually and in-person) that you can take together for a fun bonding activity, such as a cooking or yoga class. Do a little research to find a good fit.

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